Serve at FBC

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    The Welcome Team are the "first faces" of FBC and create a welcoming space to gather.  Members of this team arrive at 9:30am for prayer and preparation, and then welcoming attendees with a smile and positive attitude.  Learn more and sign up here! 

  • morning prayer & coffee

    Weekday mornings: 8:15am-9:30am - this opportunity includes inviting those outside our doors in the morning to come in and pray with the group, making coffee in the kitchen, providing light refreshments on some or all days, learning names and life circumstances, and options for individual prayer as well. You get a chance to build a personal connection with the poor.

  • Street Outreach

    Join in Street Outreach every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm, meeting at FBC. The evening begins with a time of orientation, training, and prayer. Teams of 2, 3 or 4 then walk to various downtown areas, bringing food, clothing, toiletry supplies to those along the way. Other teams go to the Ascent and Agape programs to play games with the residents. Opportunities include praying with people, connecting people with resources, and engaging spiritual forces with the power of Christ.