Why? At FBC, one of our values is the Living Word of God, as demonstrated by making the Scriptures foundational to everything we do, making the Bible foundational to everything we teach, and by orienting our lives around its living center, Jesus Christ.

Join us in this journey. This page will serve as a resource throughout the year - you'll be able to find reading plans, links to videos, and more. We also recommend that you download the free app that we are basing our reading plan on: Read Scripture. Get it here for Apple users and here for Android. The app gives you easy access to the daily readings and video, as well as tracking your progress. Check out the following video as an intro to the Read Scripture project:

Current Series: The Bible and Authority // January 6 - February 2

To download a printable daily reading plan click here. 

Video links for this series:

January 6: Genesis 1-11 (Read Scripture Series)

January 7: Image of God

January 8: Genesis 1-11 (Torah Series)

January 9: Genesis 12-50 (Read Scripture Series)

January 10: The Covenants

January 11: Genesis 12-50 (Torah Series)

January 22: Exodus 1-18 (Read Scripture Series)

January 23: Exodus 1-18 (Torah Series)

January 24: Heaven+Earth

January 28: Exodus 19-40 (Read Scripture Series)

January 29: Exodus 19-40 (Torah Series)